Cherokee trails

We having some seasonably cold weather in KY at the moment, which means late Spring temps in Minnesota. I suited up and went out yesterday at around 15F, but as you can see, the sun helped warm my path. It has barely snowed, but I felt that the fatbike was in order.  I dialed the clothes in quite nicely, but the cold made each effort that much harder, so when I needed to back off, I did. Which gave me time for birds. (sic)

 Same a previous photo, but his one shows the run-in to the turn a bit better. Fun section.

What I wore to be comfy at 15F:
NorthFace headband- removed
Performance fleece balaclava
Defeet undershirt
Sport Hill top
Bellweather coat
windfront boxer brief
Performance fleece pant
Defeet thin wool sock+medium wool sock+ chem foot warmer
Keen pull-on boot
wool gloves+Hind mitten

What I saw:
Brown Creeper 2 **first
red-headed woodpecker 2
downy woodpecker
tufted titmouse- at least 10
c. chickadee
**What looked like a ruby-crowned kinglet. A little greenish bird with 2 white bars on the wing, about that same size. Too quick to tell. Another day.


midnightrider said…
Winter riding can be the bomb. It's all in the layers.

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