IN fatbiking/coffeeneuring

After our very successful mucky outing last week, el crew decided to do some of the same yesterday, this time visiting IN instead of the KY side of the river. As is the case, a road leg of some 8 miles delivered us to the IN river bank, we we inspected trash.

We made of us an unnamed trail which I'm quite sure we weren't supposed to travel and did some muckity muck along the Clarksville River Trail, aka the Ohio River Greenway. We took a spur along Bailey Ave, which interestingly enough, isn't even shown on the aforementioned websites. At its terminus we found the reasonable ship-shape railroad bed that has been used a fair amount by other people, including the Southern Indiana Wheelmen who have an extensive write-up here. BTW, some assmonkey parked his dumptruck bed in the middle of the aforementioned abandoned RR bed.

Seeing an offshoot, I took it while Dave and Patrick cowered in fear at not having enough skills to reach under the bridge. Wimps. We made coffee, perhaps the best coffee ever. Fantastic!

We then crossed the scary bridge, and Dave toppled and fell into the creek. He was cold. We mudded in Loop Island Wetlands, where Sr. Fattie could have dominated, but people's skirts were too short. We did see scenic views. It was warming.

We returned via paved areas that required effort. I'm sore. Still. Great Day. Really.


David Crowell said…
You took a few liberties with the facts. Poetic license?

I did not fall off a bridge. I was the only one with the balls to ride across. You two had to walk.
Tim Smith said…
The world is my muse.

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