Mileage thoughts

Mileage thoughts:
2014- 381
2013- 1010
2012- 712
2011- 1103
2010- 615
2009- 758
2008- 425

 Data on since '08. As seen, this has been my worst year of cycling so far in history. In '08 I had 22 commutes at this point. As of yesterday, I have 2. The weather hasn't helped, but the non-commitment is deeper than that. I think I need to accept my inner solo ride ethos and ride. Just Ride!


Anonymous said…
There were many times during my working days that it was a struggle to get up early and bike to work. The first 2 or 3 miles often were not fun at all. But the return trip was usually the highlight of my day.

You need to keep in mind the old Lucky Strike commercial. "It's not how long you make it. It's how you make it long."

I think I have heard that somewhere else also but can't quite place the quote.

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