Commute avec le pont

Commuted today on the Ute! I said, COMMUTED TODAY ON THE UTE! After work I rolled down to the riverfront to check out the Indiana side of the pedestrian bridge opening. I was pleasantly surprised how the location emptied into a very potentially cool part of Jeffersonville which could benefit from the traffic. Along a couple blocks you have a very traditional-looking small city center with old brick buildings and such. One new one is the Red Yeti Brewing Co which is literally a baseball throw distance from the bridge exit. I did not partake, but a 'Bridge-n-Brew' seems obvious.

Below is a return pic, as you can see the bridge rising towards the left. The slope was a little intimidating and I feel certain a cyclist/rollerblader/crackheadonascooter is going to kill a pedestrian at some point, but it's a nice added feature to the city.  Did I mention that I rode my bike 2 days straight?


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