In the valley between the hills

As I have in other years, I used a camp drop-off as an excuse for some central KY cycling.  Really I don't have words. I always find the riding down there very, very taxing (not helped by lack of fitness), but ultimately it's some of the most rewarding terrain I know. It just feels good, there nestled in the creek and river valleys surrounded by the knobs, the early foothills of what will become the Appalachians. Today I was surrounded by birdcall, a blanket of humidity, virtually no traffic, a fox, a whistlepig, cows, my own weaknesses, and the hum of 2 wheels. 

It's the one area- Casey, Lincoln, Boyle- where I could see buying a small, country get-a-way. Open roads, blue sky, birds, a challenge but a doable challenge. It was a harder-than-it-should-have-been 32 miles, but 32 good miles.

Phillipe Rd

South Fishing Creek Rd., maybe an all-time fav. Yes, on the list of all-time favs.

Country bike, right?

Deceptively, this is looking downhill. I said the hell with it and walked.

Change from a wet cap to my new "Go USA!" Buff. It proved pretty cool for a good while until I preferred the bill of the cap again.

I enjoyed seeing this. Immensely.

Casey County, KY

Google is silly sometimes.


Pondero said…
The surroundings look like a perfect match for a bike like Seafoam. When I'm not dreaming about the Yorkshire Dales, this is the kind of terrain I think I'd like to explore.
Tim Smith said…
Sir @AMR, that is not a bandana; it, in fact, a Buff, with so many more uses.

@Pondero, feel free to make the drive. We'll find some routes.

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