I had the good fortune to have Timothy help get me out the door and onto my bike yesterday for the longest ride of the year, a whopping 57 miles. It was slightly punishing, but I'm sure glad I did it, even with the hills included. I took the Sogn as a training means b/c we have some plans in the works for next weekend on which I'll do the Sogn thing. I thank Timothy for the motivation and for being patient with me, as it was obvious that he had/has better fitness than I.

We found this new pocket park along Budd Rd. It's a 150 acre park with a loop trail under the forest canopy. Very relaxed.

A few birds of note:
Great Blue Heron
Black-crowned Night Heron- both along the Beargrass path
Wild Turkeys- along Emery Crossing
Indigo Bunting
Goldfinch- that time of year
**the remainders were "yard birds", save maybe the Brown-head Cowbirds; I saw a batch of them too.


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