Bike to Beat Cancer

I didn't do my Family Camp Hundy for a variety of reason; I'm alright with it. With that "failure" my long-distance efforts have dwindled a bit. The next thing I'm gearing up for is again doing the Bike to Beat Cancer next weekend. I'll be honest. I find the donation begging/asking a bit uncomfortable. That being said, I just have to do it. My friend Drew, whom I rode with last year (along with Matt35) had every intention of riding again this year until he received a pretty miserable diagnosis of a recurrence back in late July or early August. It's back again. They say third time is the charm. Barf! This on really make me mad. Drew has done a great job taking care of himself, eating well, living more naturally, riding the bike. And it's back. And I have no choice but to ride and support him. To further beat the horse good and dead, young Ben, whose brother played tennis for me and whose story also motivated me to ride last year got his diagnosis of a return the same week as Drew. Two folks whom I know and have close connections to.

You can donate using this link: and search for me- Tim Smith- or for our team- Fighting Otters on Bikes. Hopefully Matt and I will be sporting our Team Om Nashi Me shirts from last year.



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