Post-work today was the third "training ride" in a row on the fancy bike. The Compass Stampede Pass 32s are soaring along and the bike feels great. Today I ran into one of the proprietors of fav shop OYLC and he dragged me along for a solid 40 minutes of tempo action. We discussed wine, food, girls, rides, bike nerdabilia, and I have a great ride, all of it intentionally in the small ring. I was getting my spin on. Yesterday TS and I did a spirited 35m of tempo through Iroquois and the West End. For all three rides, it felt great to be cyclist-like and hope to do more of it in 2015. Last year was a pretty mundane year for miles; this year I intend on it being banner one. Last year I only did 11 rides on the IF; this year I already have 4.


Doug said…
I was starting to wonder where the IF ended up in the bike queue. I don't recall it being mentioned or photographed much last year.
Anonymous said…
Dood! Your on fire.

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