The wife was visiting her mother in Maysville, so I undertook a quest, a 3/4 hundy from M to L on Friday.

Key Pike, road on which wife's childhood home resides via her father. #Hilly

Intersection of May's Lick, farm-to-market town and one-time capitol of asparagus. Now, it's a little sleepy.

Flag indicates stiff wind from the SW. I happened to be traveling towards the SW. It made for an interesting day.

Always wanted to capture this vista. Nice.

Down Old 68, which is looking worse for the wear, but also means it's devoid of cars.

Up Old 68 and it's 13%. Someone might have removed road shoes and socks. Might have, but there is no picture proof.

Old 68 bridge across Licking River.

Somewhere in Nicholas Co., which kicked my ass. Lack of pictures prove that I got tired along this stretch.

Downtown Middlesburg. I ate Combos and drank some water and planned my escape.

Gusanitos muertos. Muchos.

Pictures sort of disappear at this point, along with my form. I encountered many hills and the continuous headwind. It challenged me.

This is at "The Rock Grille", which I'm pretty sure is a Christian grill and ice cream place. The food was damn good, Praise Jesus!! I wanted to bail here, but it was only 15miles to a Lexington pick-up point, so I put my head down an rode, with the leftovers of the chocoPB shake in tow. I didn't finish it, but it was the best part of the day.

I beat the wife/son to our friend's house and semi-passed out on their porch, 72 miles under the belt, all in a driving headwind. It was the longest day since last summer and maybe the hardest day in a couple years. I'm *really* glad I did it. #cycling


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