Big (Bend) Thoughts

I feel to be in a period of transition. Perhaps more to come at some point. I saw this image and it immediately nudged me an inch closer to a position- mental, spiritual, physical-, some kind of position where I need to be, to strive towards.  Just a thought.

Thanks, Justin, for the inspiration. Blog about Big Bend, TX area found here.


David Crowell said…
I need to get awaaaaaaay!
Tim Smith said…
We should have a "get awaaaaaaaaay!" contest. I'm not sure how we would quantify, but I suspect it would be neck-in-neck.
Pondero said…
Yes. I'd like to get back to Big Bend. I only visited one time, on a family vacation growing up. I'd like to visit with a different objective next time.
Justin Lott said…
Hey Tim,

I'm really pleased that I had some small part in inspiring you to action. Thanks so much for sharing one of my images.

Whatever dream it is you are working toward, just keep pushing. You will get there. As Lao Tzu said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".

Anonymous said…
I read the blog about Big Bend. It was fun to read but it's out of my riding zone. The photo you posted reminded me of something I learned in my college astrology class a long time ago. "There are more galaxies in the universe than there are grains of sand on earth." That's a lot of stars.
Doug said…
That image brought back nice memories for me. I've never been to Big Bend Ranch State Park. But I have been next door to Big Bend National Park. I did a back country backpacking trip there once. To make room for all the water we had to carry into the desert we ended up leaving or tent behind. The first night we rolled out our sleeping bags on a flat spot on a hillside in the high desert. The night sky was incredible. Sleeping without a tent, I could open my eyes at anytime in the night and see the stars. It was a night I'll never forget.

It's an incredibly long drive to get there. It's 100% worth it. It's a magical place.
Tim Smith said…
Nice thought, Doug. That sense of awe is certainly motivating.

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