Country Ride

Trying to recapture a bit of our cycling youth, i.e. what we did a few years ago, Mr. Crowell and I have take a few country rides of late. This past Sunday we took a route designed by DC out of Sonora, KY, which is south of E'town about 55 minutes south of Louisville. It was new country for both of us. It also added into my new-found obsession with my Strava Heatmap. I don't really care about my segment times (much), but I sure like to fill in more squiggly blue lines on my own heatmap. This 37-miler did the trick. It started cool and misty but ended quite warm, and I personally ran out of water. So be it. I enjoyed myself and generally felt good on the bike during the course of the ride, so it's a win/win in my mind. Some images.

If you look carefully, you might make out the image of a horse-drawn buggy down this road. Where we parked in Sonora, it was church time for the local Amish population. As such we saw maybe 10 buggies making their way. This one in the pic was piloted by a boy of 13 or so, and the other 3 in the buggy were equally young. 

 Some kayakers on the Nolin River. We missed what could have been an interesting portage on the north side of the bridge.

Nice valley, cheeky climb. 

No water at this church. The cheek!! 

 This guy was quite friendly, and as dogs are sometimes wont to do, he followed us for a good while. I almost put him in my randobag and took him home.
Country rides, country roads.


Anonymous said…
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