Fatbiking the Falls of the Ohio

Long time, no blog.

Brian S and I took advantage of a dry spell and spent a Sunday afternoon 2 weeks ago to fatbike the area around the Falls of the Ohio. Brian had explored this same area when he was younger, but I have never ventured out on the rocks. I'd say we were out for a good 3 hours and went a grand total of 5 miles, but every one of those miles was earned. While seemingly flat, the constant texture changes in the rock made for tough pedaling, but what a great place to practice riding skills with the constant weight shifts and front-end work. The other drawback was our unseasonably hot temps. We started to bake out there with the rock acting as oven.  

All-in-all it was a really fun afternoon. Here are some shots. The others are on my phone somewhere. Too much tech. 

 Brian's Trek Stache+ bike, which he loves. He decided that the extra width of a 4" bike would be worth in at the Falls, for both sand and rock.

 The Muk, which did the trick. Probably wish I had run an extra 2-3lbs just for safety sake.

Brian for scale at the hydro plant. It doesn't supply much energy, but does some.

Borrowed from the website listed above. Our route took us all along the rock formations to the left to the end of the island, seen as the green area in the center. We made out way back and then took the right bank up past that bulbous formation of rock in the center before bailing and taking a bit of road back. We were hot and tired.


David Crowell said…
Those pictures make me want a fatbike.

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