Election Day

Some gremlins in the works here at Piso de Smith. I figure going forward is the best way to deal, so forward I did. We're off school today since schools act as so many voting places, so after a fitful and too-short night's sleep I hit the road for a morning constitutional (older use, as I had already...well, enough) to my voting site, after which I walked up for a cup of coffee. I ended with 6.5 miles of pleasant trail and sidewalk walking. And several hours of avoiding the gremlins. Some gremlins struck again this afternoon (after some brief errand riding), so I eventually ambled out so some evening rush hour road riding, using the Blueridge since I knew the weather and darkness would descend. And it did, in fact. I made it home after a reasonable 19-miler out to Iroquois. Tomorrow is a new day.


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