Muscatatuck Ramble

Sr.Crowell and I undertook some mixed-terrain riding today up at Muscatatuck, where we've visted previously. Good stuff up there. We're experiencing an unnaturually warm stretch in the 50s, so we were able to dress lightly (although a bit chilly all day) and take in some empty country roads, nature, birds, gravel, and solitude. Good stuff.

Opening in Muscatatuck NWR

We've used this not-road previously. Seems like someone else has too.

Large-to-medium dinosaurs in the field. I jest! I kid! Sandhill Cranes. It's migration time.

After a spell of gravel and such in Muscatatuck and after, we hit a stretch of roller pavement to the east. We played a kind of yo-yo, with me in front and then DC in front, getting in some miles and taking advantage of the empty roads. Eventually I need to take a break and we did so on the bridge below. Rawland Sogns along the bridge in rural Indiana. All good.

We found our reentry road into Muscatatuck to be non-existent, so we rode south to pick up our original "road". The detour took us over 30 for the day, a nice leg stretcher, VitaminG and fresh air dose. Sometimes you just gotta get out there. Thanks DC and yeah us!


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