Monday, October 17, 2005


well, aside from not seeing any action on the bike all weekend, the time as a whole was quite a success. saturday morning the fam and i loaded up for a couple days at Cumberland Falls, found in sunny, blue McCreary Co., Ky. Known as the 'Niagra of the South', it also contains the only 'moonbow' found in the western hemisphere and one of only two in the world, although for some reason i think the African one at Victoria Falls dissappeared for some reason.

After arriving at the picturesque, albeit 'longinthetooth', lodge Saturday, my wife was surprised with the site of a wedding in progress taking up a significant portion of the lobby and outside porch. the view off the patio is nothing short of spectacular, the Cumberland river winding off into the distance surrounded by verdant hills, many containing changing fall colors.

more later, as i'm too bored to write this right now, but i'd like to list things to remember, none of which are exactly in chronological order

neon lichen
the rock creek
eagle falls
the beach
walking sticks
rednecks smoking
harleys + chaps
fried food
more fried food
rock shelters abounding
the roar of the falls
fear of cliffs
the "monkey"
sun, blue sky, clear water, PERFECT weather
the root stairs

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