Saturday, December 03, 2005

B-B-Belgium (and the Moustache)

just got back from what ended up being a slight adventure, though not too much of one- quick jaunt out on a Saturday afternoon. a weekish or so when i promised myself to get active again i knew i had to take advantage of these weekend days when i wasn't getting anything going, so today, even with the winter grey skies i said "I'm going". with temps in the mid-30s, i figured that was doable with no great difficulty. it was a decision made easier my UK losing to the dreaded UNC, a game which to my total non-surprise they lost. i just CANNOT watch Tubby's teams play with that (non-existent) offense, and this to a practically freshmen UNC team.

so slightly bundled i went on the Litespeed. after the fact, i realized that i hadn't been on the the Litespeed since Labor Day weekend with my 25miler in Casey Co., 3+ months. that's Ridiculous!! and badly, given my time on the LHT, i practically couldn't ride the Blueridge. the layed-out, long-reach position of a normal road bike, and a non-racing one at that, had me feeling like superman. it was also the first ride on the Brooks B-17N. so frankly, it was one of those uncomfortable rides that you sometimes do. i went over to the parks and was originally flying, feeling the lightness of the titanium instead of the hulk of the LHT. temps of about 35 when lo and behold it started to rain. it never really got going, but neither my gloves nor my shoes were prepared for rain, only temps. at some point i adjusted my saddle a little more forward, which helped quite a bit really. with the rain though, i came on home. good to get out though.

and on a very good note, i had the good fortune to purchase a set of handlebars from Rivendell this a.m., ones that will be coveted by all. as stated, i've been researching the Moustache thing. so last night i email Rivendell and encourage them to stock some 25.4mm mtbike sized Moustaches. well well well (as ever RL) they have ONE set in stock- seems like someone misordered them. we had eaten last night at El Mundo's, so they were closed. i counted down the minutes this a.m. until they opened in NoCal. I even had the good fortune to speak to the same dude, Brian Douglas. So now i'm the proud owner of a set of moustache bars, ones that will work with my brake levers and shifters. i'm psyched!!!!!!!!! i'm sure there might be some tweaking to do, but within a week or two my LHT will transformarse with moustache bars, a Carradice bag and new high-tec generator light. i will have spent something like $350 bucks total- practically another bike. but a sweet ride to boot.

12.5m/48.00/15.1avg/Litespeed Blueridge

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