Thursday, December 01, 2005

"let it snow, let it snow..."

you get the picture. today is the first "snow" of the winter, which is to say some puffy flakes of very non-sticking snow did fall. it looked nice against the backdrop of the stark trees, but it wasn't REALLY a snow. i'm sure that will come a good deal later. i did notice that the forecast has finally merged into neo-winter, with highs only in the 40s and sometimes high 30s. one day next week has a high of 27. given that i'm reinvigorated to ride, i guess i'll have some nice opporutnities to work out every combo of cold weather gear i own.

i'm drinking coffee @ 5.00 in the p.m. i'm worried that it would be very easy to become a notonlyinthemorning coffee drinker. i really don't want to for sake of cost and health, but i have to stay awake until 9.00, right.

Rode today after not getting out yesterday. i had a meeting ayer that started @ 6.45 and i still almost missed it while driving. today was straightforward except that i couldn't find any damn headwear. i have three earbands- one thick, one thin polypro, and a third thin fleece. what i wanted to find was the thin fleece since that's the best one for temps in the low 40s, like those we had this p.m. i also have- theoretically- two balaclavas, one thin polypro and one thick fleece. fact is i can't find the pinche polypro one ANYWHERE. this morning's temps were low 30s, which are almost too warm for the fleece baclava (ja ja, play on words. did'ya catch that one?), but th polypro has disappeared. it smushes down VERY small, so i'm sure it's in a nook or cranny somewhere. For this a.m. of 33 i wore:
*1 medium tight and one thin, with shorts underneath
*REI baselayer- pretty warm one, long sleeve top and "water" jacket, as i'll call the heavier-weight Performance jacket
*fleece balaclava and nike gloves
*think socks and Sealskinz socks which are water/wind proof. i think they're the real deal, though I haven't had them on for longer than 45min or so.

afternoon was 40 or so but very windy, i peeled off one tight and longsleeve top, changed to neoprene gloves and polypro band. the Performance neoprene gloves are nice, but more acceptable for upper 40s. that low 40s is the magic area where i have no gloves that really work. lots above and lots below, but no middle. On arriving home, my computer read only 5.7m, which is .3 short. i don't know if it's the weather or what, but really it was .4 or more short. maybe it's not making good contact or something, but it's yet another tekinal thing i have not watch. the p.m. ride home with varying winds i averaged a well-earned 14.3, which i was pleased with as the false flat up Baxter was mostly a headwind. tough pushing.

and yesterday i took the plunge and spent ass-loads of $$ on more bike crap from i spoke with him on the phone and he had the strangest demeanor i've ever encountered. basically he made me fell like a dumbass. i might give him another try and see if he really is like that or not. i was ordering a replacement generator light for the LHT, as the Shimano one is crap. well, i don't know exactly how all these are labelled with their "Sensos" and "Ovos" and "Ps" and "Lactos". logic says that he, Peter, is there to help me mull through these, especially as they're items not found in the LBS. i think i ended up buying a product that is much more expensive than i wanted, like $100 instead of $50, but i was too much of a chickenshit to make him stop. everytime i tried to get a word in he would insist that i be quiet so he could write down my order. reminds me of an overly anal math teacher. IF, and that's a big IF, i can get this damn thing mounted right, then i'm sure it'll be a great light. i also ordered a Carradice bag and support. that put me back another $150. my intention is to put that on the LHT, but this a.m. i came up with the magical idea of mounting it to the Litespeed, since it's pretty easy to put the bag on, and seems as though the support will be too. that's what i REALLY need, two different commuter mounts with a former commuter hybrid sitting looking pretty on the porch. in the spring i intend to sell the C'dale and Trek hell or highwater, because they need new homes.

and finally, something i forgot to report Tuesday after the wreck was a great sight in the a.m. yet again climing Dog Hill in Cherokee. It was quite dark, but i was adding some mileage, right in the middle of the hill, low on the horizon right above the trees was a crescent moon, i think waxing, and just above it Jupiter. the moon had a nice outline around it. i think the the sight of it in the east in the a.m. so low is the unusual part; i'm accustomed to it higher in the sky in the a.m., or in the west. frankly i don't know mierda abt lunar cycles, but it was a nice image just above the skeletal trees.

a good image amidst a shitty morning.

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