Is that my Mountain Bike?

Date: Jan. 29
Mileage: =18
Ride type: Mt.Biking
Bike: Redline
Temp: 58 p.m.
January mileage: 248
Year to date: 248

Wow! A new experience, or at least a renewal of one long past practiced. it was yet another great day- yet another freakin' great, warm, sunny day in the 'Ville in the dead of winter. i had fallen asleep in the chair when my little one- 6 year-old L- woke me up with some type of goofy grunt/bark etc. at first i was mad b/c it startled me, but it was in fact the impetus i need to hop up and get a ride in.

i've been pretty regular on the road lately, so i decided to do something different and get on the Redline back in my 20's i did quite a bit of mtbiking on several Cannondales- black (stolen), purple (stolen), Orangish (sold). i bought the Redline from Clarksville on the cheap for $400. what's interesting is that it's a singlespeed with stout Avid brakes and an aluminum frame, the lightest bike i own and pretty fun to ride. i've used it to good in the neighborhood and to the grocery, but rarely take it on the trails. in my more recent years, the notion of falling on a big rock or log just didn't appeal. But today was different.

i've extolled the virtues of road riding in Cherokee/Seneca, and this time i took to the trails. they were more muddy than i anticipated, but i eventually used that to my advantage by making a mess in the puddles. another funny thing is that i put center slicks with side knobs b/c most of my riding on the Redline is in the neighborhood. this made for a whole day of slipping and sliding. after a while i got into a groove and slid around, but i never went down. an advantage of wisdom is that now i walk over obstacles that i don't feel like hurting myself on, whereas in the olden days i just went over or through them and acquired the bruises to show.

Cherokee's trails were in good shape allinall. it seems the KYMBA (i think that's their name) has done some interesting trial building, with a mixture of rock, root, open, curvy, fast, muddy, dry, down/up etc. i ended up sampling most of the trails in Cherokee and never went over to Seneca, which has fewer trails but the ones there are more open.

i stayed out for almost 1.5 hours (i just lost some post at this moment, and the boys are fighting, so this is about all).

1. a great 1.5 hrs
2. a great sunset (can't rival Jill's in Alaska but good enough for me)
3. no bruises or falls
4. 2 more houses viewed through the trees to add to the great houses tour

great stuff!

"Happy trails to you, until we meet again..."


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