Date: Jan. 28
Mileage: 17
Ride type: Road
Bike: Blueridge
Temp: 61 p.m.
January mileage: 230
Year to date: 230

the first part of the p.m. i spent cleaning the Litespeed Blueridge. i can deal with having dirty bikes, as i've had plenty, but i figure my dad spent as assload on the Blueridge when he bought it for me back in the day, and the least i could do is keep it cleanish.

the day began with bike stuff. i took the LHT over to Clarksville Schwinnn, my by-far-fav shop to work on the stiff link. Billy over there fixed it in like 20 sec., he having skills with a chain tool that i can only imagine. i then mention to Chris @ Clarksville the need for a front wheel to replace the generator Shimano NX-20 which seems to suck ass. he, of course, appeals to my weakness and sells me a nice Shimano LX/Mavic rim wheel for $70. a fair price for a weak individual me.

for Velocipate, today sat around 63 freakin degrees on Jan 28. 63!! all my plants are going to die. the tulips and crosus are budding, the rose bush is budding, the various succulents are much less dead than they should be. the ratibida have green growth. all this is going to die when it gets really damn cold at some point. and it has to, i hope. otherwise nature has gone astray.

i spent the p.m washing the the Litespeed and fixing the roller wheel on the Rans. i'm better with respects to bike health than i was at 1.00. the LHT is ready to go. the Blueridge is slightly shiny. the Rans seems functional. i'm primed.

after getting things cleaned up i took a late afternoon spin in the park, hitting a couple flats hard and a hill hard. my avg was 15.4, and i spent a good part of the time above that. good ride, and temperatura ridiculosa!!!! boo yaa. tomorrow forecasts rain, but i'm riding. mileage es la respuesta ese.


Pete said…
You should come and clean my bikes. They need it.

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