Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bah humbug

i'm not THAT grumpy. i tried to update the blog last night from the laptop, but as usual it gave out. it has a short in the charger/battery/plug area and it just won't hold an electrical flow. therefore is will work until it feels like NOT working, and immediately turns off. so, i was mid-update when i heard the respective whirring down of the non-spinning harddrive.

it's finally snowing here in KY. yesterday it was 55 and today 34 with snow. it won't really amount to anything b/c of the temps, but the kids are happy. i wasted two warm days Th and Fr with a dentist appt and a meeting. i probably couldv'e ridden Fr but didn't. my bad, and by the looks of the Feb month of 20s and 30s, i'll regret the decision. i knew all along the warmth was going to break at some point. last night i saw that for the next 2 weeks, nothing was forecasted out of the 30s. Oh well.

i am going to ride later today in some guise, rollers, mt, road, cross, something. it may not be 2 hours worth, but i'll get something in.

and tonight we're seeing Son Volt, a (former) fav band that hasn't done much of late. Mr. Farrar has been busy making noise instead of records, so we'll see how the concert goes. i'm looking forward to getting out though.


Frostbike said...

Son Volt came to Minneapolis in December and I still regret not going. Have fun at the show.

LvilleTex said...

we've seen Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt/Jay Farrar/Wilco total maybe 15+ times. i'm excited. first concert in a while.

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