el primero de febrero

Date: Feb. 1
Mileage: 30 (7a.m./23p.m.)
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 31 a.m./60!!!!!!!!!!p.m. and nicely sunny
February mileage: 30
Year to date: 319

nice rima there in the title. i had to go back and change some totals. my long day a few ago with 'lance' was shorter in actuality. i was remembering the total daily mileage instead of the one leg down along the river. therefore my totals overestimate. sort of interesting playing with the monthly and yearly. i want to get that Y-t-d up this year.

concering today i had to play around with my seat angle. the back had moved down, so i adjusted too much and put the back up like a ramp. it put the weight too far forward and made my hands hurt. fixed it mid-ride. went the west-to-east loop with 'lance'. all you can say is 60 degrees on the first of february. freakin' ridiculous. great ride though with good company. i rode a little extra to get my daily to 30 total. REALLY nice ride, even with early seat irregularities. tennis will be starting soon, so i have to find a way to keep the miles going, b/c i feel like the legs are coming around a little. good for me.

saw several roadies bedecked in their kit in the park. there they are in their 18lb carbons an their matching kit- while probably not winning a damn thing- and there i am on the LHT with the British saddlebag and the 'Stache bars with the day-glo jacket attached with a leather strap. oh, and dressed in a long sleeve shirt and another tshirt. not exactly a matching kit. and they wouldn't have it any other way, and i the same.

but i would take some of their fitness.


Pete said…
60 degrees! Please tell me you were wearing shorts...
Tex69 said…
actually no. i have a really lightweight pair of tights that do me from 65 to 50 or so. my left knee is crap too, so a little protection is better.

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