Big Houses

Date: Feb. 25
Mileage: 10
Ride type: Bike Jog
Bike: LHT
Temp: 55 a.m.
February mileage: 119
Year to date: 408

i got out this a.m. for what i call a 'bike jog', a term certainly NOT created by me. i hadn't ridden since Monday, so felt the need to hit the road. at the same time, i was in no mood to hammer. instead, i took the LHT out for a bike jog and finally took some pics of some of the grand manses that dot the hilltops surrounding Cherokee Pk here in Lousville. it's obvious these were originally estates that byinlarge are now surrounded by other nice homes after the land was sold off who knows when. it was a pleasant and rather easy day. had i paid more attention to the forecast, i would've learned that a cold front has moved this evening, so i wasted a warm morning and now will be stuck with a couple cold ass days. in the days to come, i'll introduce these pics, but now all at once. frankly, it would take me a week to load them all as slow as my computer is. no broadband or DSL you know.


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