Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nice Sights

as it happens every damn year, once tennis starts my non-tennis activity drops to shit. i hit some today, actually for a good while, but no bikes and no jogs. once my days go to 10 hrs long i just don't have the damn will to get up at 5.15 and jog. and by the time i get home, damn, i'm whooped.

this morning began in a most excellent way. standing on my driveway, directly in front of the house was a low crescent moon. it was so dark and clear though, that you could see the outline of the dark part too, a perfectly round, floating orb in the black morass. to the left, maybe 15 degrees or so was venus, luminescent in the dark as well. and to the west a good measure and a little north another planet. i would assume it's Jupiter give the color and brightness- too white for Mars and too bright for Saturn. what a great sight. wish i were in the boondocks somewhere to better enjoy instead of here in the city.

finally, received the Rivendell reader yesterday and now i'm coveting yet another bike. don't think the funds are going to show for this one, but the new Bianchi San Jose singlespeeder is sweet. road and yet dirt worthy SS with nice lines and space for good tires. the singlespeeders, like my Redline, are attractive b/c without the extra parts, they're priced nice. this San Jose is around $550. nice....but i WON'T be buying...yet. and for that matter, their Castro Valley looks like a nice offering too. can it be that the nascent interest in these multi-purpose, non-racing, non-"mountain biking" bikes are making an impact?? are bikes slowly being seen as viable and not as toys? i can't say here in Louie-ville it's necessarily the case; i don't see these on the streets much, but the offerings are a positive step.


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