" 'Crossing"

Date: Feb. 18
Mileage: 14.5
Ride type: 'Cross
Bike: Crosscheck
Temp: 19 p.m. (4windchill)
February mileage: 94
Year to date: 383

there are two facts we can verify concerning today's ride. the first is that it was the coldest i've probably done in a while. i might've commuted in the teens back in december; i might have to look that one up. otherwise, i don't really remember taking a ride this cold for a while. the second is that the aforementioned mileage from today is pure guestimate. the computer on the Surly starting acting funky within the first mile or so, so i don't really know. in fact, i'm pretty sure it wasn't 14.5, but it felt like it, and i worked about as hard as a 14.5 miler, so that's the mileage i'm crediting myself.

mid-afternoon the good little woman warned me not to gripe if i didn't go out and ride, so i finally just jumped into my layers and layers and headed out on the cross bike. wardrobe was:

fleece base layer/2nd layer/old LLBean Anorak which i love for cross b/c it's old
shorts/thick tights/thin tights
base socks/Sealskinz/plastic bags/Sidi winter shoes
fleece balaclava/nike winter gloves

as usual, my feet were the issue. my mom bought me the Sidis for xmas a few years ago, but they haven't solved it. the best answer is to get some flat pedals and powerstraps and just wear some boots with several layers of wool socks. that's really the best. my feet are wide, so i don't usually have the extra room for extra socks. only now are they beginning to not have that post-freezing tingle. BRRRR.

really i didn't cross that much. we live next to a school with nice grounds. this past school year they mowed a path for the cross-country team in the grass and along a wooded fence area. it also incorporates some short steep hills, so it's a nice 'cross course. i took that in and then head over to another park nearby- Joe Creason- which has some other cross-country paths. it snowed abt 1/2" this a.m., so there was frozen residue from that, but mud underneath making for a slimey, slick surface (like the alliteration?). from there i sort of just rode around here-n-there. the heavier wind was coming from the east-northeast, so the trip home was drudgery.

one of those rides i'm glad i did, but didn't enjoy, and wouldn't want to do tomorrow. got out, though.


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