The Man

10.49 so far, image of the a.m. was the dude with larger stones than mine. i took the boys to sunday school and on the way, i spied to my distant left someone on a bike. now, with temps of 12 or whatev, my interest was piqued as to whether it was a "cyclist", or one of those many unfortunates who HAVE to ride due to circumstance. my answer was given when i was taking a left at a a green light. he was there, to my left, and didn't seem to be stopping. pasty, white, frozen face. he looked sort of Russian in a way. no helmet i'm pretty sure, but head covered with various layers. blue cannondale touring rig with front and back racks. i'm pretty sure he had back panniers on. interestingly, he almost hit the side of the truck b/c he didn't stop for his red light. he just kept on motoring down the road, swerving around the back as i turned. i didn't really get much more of a view than that. more stones has he, albeit cold ones. i keep on looking outside and trying to decide whether the extra layers are worth it. i rode yesterday when it was 17-18, so 5 degrees less doesn't sound too nice. i'm impressed with all these cold-weather fiends in Minneapolis (MN weather) and in Alaska. me, warm coffee sure do seem more appealing albeit less epic.

Tour of California starts today Amgen Tour of California. i heard somewhere that ESPN2 was going to have some coverage. gotta looks that one up to verify. sure hasn't gotten any press with the mainstream, unlike if Sir Lance were riding. gotta love the Americanization of the name. like it's the "Coca-Cola Tour de France". geez.


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