Happy Monday

Date: Feb. 27
Mileage: 15
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 28 a.m./55 p.m.
February mileage: 136
Year to date: 425

Given the tennis meeting today in lieu of practice, i jumped on the LHT for a well-deserved commute this a.m. really there's nothing to report greatly on this commute other than i detoured through the park today for a couple hills, and that i can't officially find/fix the damned "tick tick tick" i'm experiencing on the LHT. i'm pretty sure it's the Brooks B-17 saddle, but you know who you can't quite find a "tick" on the bike, since it feels like it could be eminating from anywhere.

nice afternoon though, and i'll be on the bike- one of them- on Wednesday.


Rider said…
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Good Luck!
Painted Horse said…
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