Refused to answer the bell

i'm posting Friday a.m., but really this is in reference to Wednesday. i don't have any tennis commitments on Wednesdays, partly b/c i wanted one day free to keep my commute going. the problem is that, wednesday, i didn't answer the bell. it was rather clement, now that i think abt it, 70 friggin' degrees clement, but i just didn't do it. i'm tired. don't know abt other blogger folks out there, but now that tennis has started, my days go from 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., with steady- and sometimes uproarious- activity in there. the most difficult thing about teaching is the notion of having 75 different interactions per day, which is to say 75 students to whom you have to connect with. on our alternating schedule, that becomes 140 different people to "get through to", plus all the standard gobblygoock thrown in there. now, tennis extends my day 2.5 or more hours and brings yet another layer of paperwork, personalities, headaches, you name it.

so wednesday comes around and i just don't answer the bell. next wednesday must be better. i hope.

this of course doesn't count matches when the day is extended even longer, perhaps until 7.00-8.00. whine moan complain.

i want to ride. i just want to rest a bit too.

more to come on the "Mansions of Louisville" coming soon.


Pete said…
Sometimes it's good to take a break. Don't sweat it.
Tex69 said…
i like your attitude

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