Date: Feb. 6
Mileage: 17.5
Ride type: Commute
Bike: Trek LHT
Temp: 23a.m./39p.m. + sunny
February mileage: 63.5
Year to date: 352.5

got out today for a commute. legs still feel like crap. no stairs tomorrow when the tennis crew convenes. it's really a nice day today, close to 40 with very sunny skies. this a.m. was a smidge chilly, and had to get some of the cold weather gear out to deal with 23degrees.

really the most striking observation of my ride today was the unfortunate decision to go by the sausage/bologna/whatever company on Main/Mellwood. i don't think i'll lose the sound of those squeals and the smell of burnt pig skin any time soon. i tried the Buddhist veggie thing a while ago, and right now that seems appealing. those squeals weren't meant to be.

boy, that game sucked last night. what happened to the old Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys and Patriots? i'll take a dynasty anyday over two teams who deserved to lose. looks like the refs deserve some credit though. 14 point swing with that terrible interference call and then the Rothlessburger (like that spelling?) non-score. throw in all those dropped passes and Wow, what crap!


Pete said…
The Super Bowl was a snoozer, but it was a great Lingerie Bowl, wasn't it?

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