More bikes

as an addition to today's ride, i'll also have to say that, unless i'm greatly mistaken, i'm seeing more bikes on the road. don't know if it's $3.00/gallon gas or just a fad. who knows? but i'm seeing more bikes out. and these aren't lycra-ed roadies, or even strict mtn bikers. these are folks on a variety of good and bad bikes out just doing it! we live in a somewhat "crunchy granola" area of the 'Ville. it's not all hippies. there are too many traditional Catholics for that. but we do have our fair share of hipsters, and they seem to really like the bike thing. seems there are a few more posts on the local listserve with commuter comments. let's hope it's not a passing fancy. at $3.00 per, it probably won't be.

and a very few quick words abt two bikes i saw today. first was one on Taylorsville Rd this a.m. this is a 4 laner. at 6.25 or so i someone going straight down whilst i was cutting through neighborhoods. what amazed me was the complete lack of lights, reflectors, etc. etc. this looked like a "cyclist", instead of some unfortunate soul who can't afford to drive. i was astonished to be honest. i'll take my illumination.

2ndly, this p.m. going to pick up Indian food, on Bardstown rd., i could swear i saw someone on what looked like a Rivendell with the customary brownish-taped Moustache bars. i would've loved to catch and chat with him. hipster type. no helmet. straigh-up shoes. but it had that distinctive look of a Riv. one of the roady types of frames. GOOD FOR HIM!


Pete said…
I've noticed there are more cyclists about up here too. The other morning on the way to work I sat at a red light with three other bikes. Practially a traffic jam!

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