Back on the horse

Date: April 2
Mileage: 17
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 60a.m./75 p.m.
April mileage: 61
Year to date: 486

after several inconsequential rides on the 925, i got back on the LHT today for the first commute in a while. as stated i was/am mad at my tennis team, so my exercise came first today.

the LHT felt like a new bike. the 'Stache bars are more comfortable, the stem was reasonable than the 925. and gears! and a freewheel! to be honest though, i've gotten sort of used to the challenge of the fixie, so a freewheel is gravy. i think i might be pushing a slightly bigger gear too, more mimicking the fixie ratio on the 925.

the a.m. proved uneventful, just like it should be. the afternoon, after the match, i had perfect mid-70s and sun. i stretched the mileage just a tad, and had a blissful and satisfying commute. hopefully more of them to come.


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