Date: May 29
Mileage: 23
Ride type: Road
Bike: Blueridge
Temp: 80 and humid
May mileage: 85
Year to date: 588

Boy, i didn't go that fast, or go that long, but my road ride this a.m. really kicked my butt for some reason. i woke up relatively early and finally got out about 8.00 or so for a road ride through the parks and the city. the first half the ride was great. not quite hot yet, there was still a little fog and mist on the ground keeping things cool. i had the good fortune to see a couple of great visuals with the dappled sunlight streaming through the trees and the mist, creating one of those "movie" images you see, like in the "Thin Red Line". in the park i noticed some sineage and realized that today, Memorial Day, is the annual Mayor's Hike and Bike. in Luavull city gov is trying to promote better health, and apparently this event had nice attendance last year. i knew it was leaving from downtown, so that's the way i headed. once there, i was impressed, not so much with the tents of stuff but moreso the number of bikers, both serious and casual, found downtown in and around Slugger Field (home of the Bats AAA baseball). i didn't stay for the start of the ride since i was about 1 hour early, but there alot of riders streaming in as i headed home. lest i be mistaken, i think the number from last year was around 1,000, which is a pretty good-sized ride in Luavull.

i ran across a guy there apparently selling bike bells. he is apparently a devotee of the Rivendell/peterwhite/brooks/etc. school of cycling.

more to come on that, but gotta go to the grocery for the good wife.


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