los Sprawls

Date: June 21
Mileage: 25
Ride type: Road
Bike: Blueridge
Temp: 78 and very muggy
June mileage: 96
Year to date: 696

had the intention of going out for a 3 hour ride today. i decided to first catch an hour in the a.m. with los Sprawls, a brother duo that rides most summer mornings for an hour at 7.00. D is a lawyer, and R a "financial advisor", so they get a quickie in before going off to make lots of $$. D races a fair amount in the master category, so this jaunts are warmups for nighttime training sessions. R seems to maintain some fitness this way. they're both very nice and good conversationalists, and the pace isn't to bad. occassionally they stretch it out some, so i get a better cardio workout with them than poking around by myself.

they enjoy doing flatish routes in the urban area before everyone is too awake to be in the way. it's good that they stay on the flats, b/c otherwise i'd be very screwed.

after putting in a good hour i wandered over for some extra mileage in the park, bringing me to a total of 25. not bad. friday a.m. i'll try to do the longer mileage ride. tomorrow, of course, is USA/Ghana, so that will take my primary attention.

below are a couple pics from the country in Maysville (really closer to Mays Lick on a map). The first includes the road in front of the house, the 2nd down a valley (same field) with a better view of the distance, and as a bonus a couple nice thistles in view. as stated, it's pretty rolling. don't know if the pics reflect that.

(sic)- i've never learned what that means in newspaper parlance, but the upload didn't upload, so pics later i guess.


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