got in a few more miles tonight, running up to choir practice like last wednesday, this time tacking on an extra 7.5, mostly roaming around the neighborhood, thereby giving over 30 for the day. decided tonight that i'm going to get a new stem for the 9.2.5. too bent over. too much pressure on the hands. gonna be tricky b/c modern ahead-set stems don't exactly have much rise. gotta get some fixie miles in, though. too fun not too.

spent a good amount of early afternoon at the pool, swimming with L after his swimming lesson. he's getting close to being self-sufficient in the water. good for him. swam perhaps 300+ yds during their lesson in the 25m pool. i like that one b/c i don't feel like i'm going to drown when i get tired. swimming is something i wish i were better at. it's much more of a rhythm activity than cycling. hey, no hills to climb or coast on!

Date: June 21
Mileage: 7.5
Ride type: Barrio
Bike: 925
Temp: 84 and very muggy
June mileage: 103.5
Year to date: 703.5


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