this morning is the biggie! USA/Ghana and Italy/Czech R. doesn't get any more knife edge than this. i was thinking this morning abt how much more varied and difficult the World Cup is than, say, the NBA finals. it's the same 7 game format interestingly enough. in the NBA finals, much less the World Series, those 7 games are against the same competition and same players. rosters can be tweaked. scouting, adjustments etc. in the WC, 7 games against 7 different teams, different continents, different styles. you could look on qualifying as the early rounds of the playoffs. but the finals are another beast. as much as i like to defer to the "toughest group" comments, i can't help but be disappointed in the US so far. that piece of shit they laid vs. the CR was the worst game/match i've watched, and i've watched many of them. imagine the group with Argentina- firing on all cylinders-, the Netherlands, Ivory Coast and Serbia. on paper, and in play, that is a MUCH more difficult group. fact is, if you look at GF and GD, we're one of the worst teams in the tournament. no goals scored (thanks Italy, for that screw up), and only ONE SHOT ON GOAL!!!!!!! HOW THE HELL CAN WE HAVE ONLY ONE SHOT ON GOAL????????? man, i thought Tubby's Cats' shooting was futile.

well, about an hour. this is a weird game, b/c not only does it matter in sporting context, but i think it has a more substantial role concerning the overall health and popularity of the sport. if we lose to Ghana, we go down like bitches. if we win, go through, and play a good game vs. Brazil, we're seen as a player and the ball rolls forward.

oh, imagine these names: Basso, Ullrich, Landis, Leipheimer, Vinokourov, Valverde, Millar, Simoni, Garzelli, Mayo, Moreau, Mancebo, Rasmussen. need i say more?

it's a comin'!


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