Sunday, July 23, 2006

and again, Floyd

wow, what a roller coaster!! how many hours have i spent glued to the tube? could you script a better Tour the YaL "Year after Lance"? i'm really pleased for Floyd b/c on face value, or on TV face value, he seems like a good guy, honest, humble, direct, entirely non-political or homogonized. it seems like the peloton takes him the same way, hugging Pereiro, seemingly heartfelt congrats from Kloden. to get to the point, he's no Lance. i don't think Lance has many friends left in the peloton, and certainly none from the inner circle.

this is what Big L had to say:

"I was in the car with Johan when Floyd had his bad day. It looked like it was over for him but knowing Floyd the way I do I was not surprised to see him come out fighting. His ride on Thursday was epic. He showed a champions resolve. I look forward to seeing him up on the podium in Paris. If it couldn't be one of my guys from Discovery Channel than I am thrilled to see Floyd continue the success of American cycling." - Lance Armstrong

Not exactly a personal congratulation. he's thrilled to see Floyd boost America. he's not necessarily thrilled for Floyd, as a person, to win. don't know. just sort of icky, IMHO.

i enjoyed this Tour as much as Greg's '89, Lance's '01 and '03. Floyd showed great heart and determination. and he won the race with the most epic stage win of modern times. i hope his hip thang goes well and that he's battling it out with Kloden, Evans and Valverde next year. he may never win again, but he was a worthy winner, and one not listed in Operacion Puerto. good for him.


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