Jefferson Elf Ride

Date: July 23
Mileage: 53 (+2)
Ride type: Road
Bike: Blueridge
Temp: 75 and perfect
July mileage: 278
Year to date: 1016

Wow, perfect weather today and a great ride, a long ride on this lastdayoftheTour Sunday. after watching a bit of the morning coverage, i got ready to take a good long, steady, slowish ride. i've had several difficult 1-2hr rides, but i haven't pulled off a multi-hour ride in a while. the plan was to go out at a very moderate pace (for me, that means somewhere in the 14-15mph range) and stay away from the bigger gears. i also took 2 full bottles with me and planned to refill on the road. one of my probs this summer has been not drinking enough.

the title refers to the name of a ride in Joe Ward's book "Bicycling around Louisville". this ride takes place in the south and southwestern part of Jefferson Co. this is a region that is more rural and less developed, in fact, the last underdeveloped area in JeffCo. a good bit of my family lives not too far from there (maybe 5miles) in that direction, so i've ridden those roads for many years. they're very much like country roads found away from the city. the Louisville Bicyle Club used to do more rides in that direction, but they're committed any more to either doing rides in the far east of the county or in Southern Indiana. i left from the house and rode for about 50min before i hit the empty rural ones.

i ran across several cyclists today. the first, actually 2, were woman who passed me with both using fanatical cadences. racers? don't know, but they didn't even acknowledge my presence, and this is on a flat road when i was doing 16-17mph. the next was a gentleman out on the empty roads. i waved; he didn't respond. then i ran across the girls again, apparently doing the same loop as i, but in the opposite direction. they didn't acknowledge me. finally, i ran into a group of 4 who were very friendly. sometimes i hate cyclists. they're just not very nice as a whole. and this is not just me. writer/journalist Maynard Hershon, who used to write alot for the now-defunct "Winning" magazine and has several books to his credit (i own both), wrote a couple articles on that fact. they just don't wave much. no wonder we have to fight for cycling rights in the US b/c we can't seem to get along with each other (n)either.

off to the pool, but a successful 53miler, with an average of 14.9mph. very pleased. (and the 2 extra miles are for me and Luke riding to my mom's house and back last night.) i have a couple more weeks of summer before school starts back. i want to get some legs under me so i can make good use of some long fall commutes.


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