Date: July 13
Mileage: 4
Ride type: Barrio Bike Jog with kiddies
Bike: Redline SS
Temp: 85 humid
July mileage: 121
Year to date: 859

"Epic" is a bit of a joke. fact is, the kids are starting to get stircrazy from summer break, so finally i dragged them out for a longish (for them) bike ride to burn off some steam. last time we went by LlamaLand. this time we headed for Seneca Pk to take a brief portion of the multi-use trail at the entrance. we then wound our way through Seneca Gds, and over to DouglassBlvd, taking in a couple interesting alleys/streets. from there, finally home through some more alleys. i like the outofway streets for the boys. infact, i used this trip to try to teach some more bike awareness, as L is getting his first real taste off our street, and Z needs to learn more b/c he's older and ready to "break out" into some more independent riding with friends in the barrio. not much mileage for me, but pleasurable and satisfying.

and they were tired afterwards. mission accomplished! (and much moreso than Bush's)


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