The Twin Cities

i've noticed while working on my little, humble blog that the Twin Cities are full of bike bloggers. i also listened to our local NPR radio report State of Affairs, with today's topic being Bicycling in Louisville(audio archive) and what is taking place in Luavull. ya' gotta' start somewhere. they discussed a few projects to improve Louisville cycling, all of these included in the mayor's initiative "Bike Louisville". as a regular commuter, i've commented about the general lack of resources and infrastructure here in the 'Ville with respects to cycling, excluding our excellent parks system. it got me thinking 'bout all those blogs in the TC, and what types of services they have. so i got to lookin'. and my am i depressed. untold miles of paths and i assume lined bike lanes, not just in the center city, but spreading out throughout the greater metro area. puta madre i can't begin to compare the facilities there vs. what we have here. no wonder there are more bloggers;, merde , with those facilties there better be more cyclists, and that's with the weather.

a couple of the commentators on the show encouraged listeners to "give them ideas". i'm going to contact each and tell them to hightail it to the TC and look at what a real biking town looks like. but i won't hold my breath.


Pete said…
Thanks for reminding me that I've got it pretty good. Every time I come to the end of a bike path or bike lane that doesn't "go anywhere" I tend to forget that.

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