la Historia

la historie ?? is this the french?

all-time modern Tour rides (from recollection)

1. Floyd Landis-'06 stage 17 to Morzine- if the Man wins the Tour- we'll see given the tumult- this will go down, HARD!

2. Greg Lemond-'89 last stage - defeating Laurent Fignon by .08, taking back a minute in only 25K. freakish. don't know the present numbers, but still one of the fastest few TT, and this before EPO and carbon.

3. Greg Lemond-'86 l'Alpe d'Huez stage- finishes arminarm with Hinault- bittersweet. 'Jack' should've buried him on the Alp

4. Lance Armstrong-'01 l'Alpe d'Huez- "the Look", demorilizes Ullrich in the midst of the Alpe. takes 2min by finish.

5. Miguel Indurain- '02 Luxembourg TT- 3min win over De las Cuevas, of all people. defeated Bugno by practically 4min in that one. maybe most dominant TT of all time.

6. Stephen Roche-'87 la Plagne- taking back 1.56 to Delgado in the last 4K to Delgado. do or die. later finishes 2nd to Bernanrd in the last TT to defeat Delgado for good. Oh, this Tour without Lemond, who would've kicked his blimey ass all over the mtn.

**if you notice, several of these are TT. of the mtn stages, Armstrong took 2min on the last climb. Roche took back almost 2min on the last climb. i'm still in disbelief that Floyd has just done something unheard of in the modern peloton, breaking away on the first climb to win the stage, and 5.30 to Sastre and basically 7.00 to the maillot jaune. yes, 'Tricky Dick', 'Chicken', and numerous dward Espanyoles, Colombianos and Italianos have tackled numerous cols to take the 'red peas' jersey, but an overall contender???? again, Holy S@#T!


Doug said…
I remember the 89 tour. I didn't think Greg could pull it off on the last day. So I taped the CBS coverage and went water skiing. Later that night I decided to watch the taped coverage just for the heck of it. What a surprise I got. I was literally out of my chair jumping up and down screaming at the TV (something I've never done before or after that day). It was incredible!! Sadly, I don't have cable this year, so I missed yesterday's incredible stage.
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work. thnx!
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work. thnx!

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