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i'm pissed with my hometown. i've always extolled (2nd time used today) the virtues of the 'Ville. small but large. great neighborhoods. great arts scene. good college sports.

now that there seems to be a war on cyclists (greatly overdramatized, but i'm pissed), i'm now seeing all that's wrong with the 'Ville. Redneck. Bluecollar in a whitecollar world. backwards. country. unresponsive. provincial. we can't even decide whether to build an arena while the other similar cities are filling theirs with pro sports. we can even decide where to build a bridge, much less the other one. we can't decide whether to tear down the I-64 monstrosity (no clue how to spell that one) while other cities have retaken their riverfronts. can't decide to do effing anything.

found a 'Top 10' list via and Forbes magazine. these are the The Best Places for Business and Careers: The Top Ten Metros. i'm no lover of Business, Business, Business, but you know these towns have things going for them- jobs, streetlife, housing, entertainment. you know it. oh, here they are:

best_135x135.jpg The Best Places for Business and Careers: The Top Ten Metros
Whether you're looking to the north, east, south or west, you've come to the right place if you want to start a business or relocate for a new job. Opportunity is knocking loud and clear at these metro areas. More.

The Best Metros at
1. Albuquerque, NM
2. Raleigh, NC
3. Houston, TX
4. Boise, ID
5. Knoxville, TN
6. Phoenix, AZ
7. Nashville, TN
8. Durham, NC
9. Fayetteville, AR
10. Indianapolis, IN

22. Lexington, KY
83. Louisville, KY

what i'm pissed about is that 3 of those towns are pretty close in size and location to the 'Ville- Knoxville, Nashville and Indy. why isn't Luavull on the list? b/c it's a backwards-ass conservative, smallminded bogpit. you can't escape. i'm a school teacher at the best high school in the state. we have all these students who leave and don't come back, even though they're the brightest and best. why? no 'real' jobs here. no market. no vitality.

more than anything, they hate cyclists. and aren't cyclists the LEADING indicator of a 'Top-10' lifestyle?

**'course this lists sucks ass, huge ass. Houston is one of the worst places in the known world. Boise has no people who aren't white or Basque. Phoenix is full of old people and it's 100degrees there most of the year. and Fayetville, my birthstate of AR, is more hillbilly than KY. i looked at the parameters, and the most important was cost of doing business. KY costs are cheap b/c we're hillbillies and don't know any better.


Chris G said…
Woah, you're not having a very good day, huh? Work it out! It's understandable that you're frustrated and a war on cyclists is certainly something that can boil those frustrations to the surface. But all metro areas have their attractions but also their drawbacks and most have inept local governments. On a nice day with the right people, L'ville will seem a great place. On a sour day like today, it just looks like warts.

But I'm sure you're right about the drawbacks. Sucks. I guess that's what gets people involved in local politics, trying to fix stuff like that.

Oh, and here's a less business-oriented list:
Tex69 said…
yes, actually i found another 'thinktank' kind of list which included the 'Ville on their top-40, seemingly mostly from the Derby. that's a good month-long party though.
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