Looks familiar

yes, i'm either consumed or bored. either way, i looked at the results of the first mountaintopfinish stage in the 2005 Tour and have compared stage results with this year's results and the Disco numbers look pretty damned identical, oh, save one variable, Lance.

15 Azevedo-------2 Lance
26 Popo----------19 Popo
46 George--------47 George
50 il Falco------48 Azevedo
64 Egoi Martinez-51 Salvodelli
101 Padrnos------70 Beltran
102 Eki----------93 Padrnos
104 Noval--------100 Chechu
148 Chechu-------101 Noval

taking Lance out, these placings are really similar. Hell, Mr. "I'm George and doggoneit, i can DO it" Hincapie is a grand total of one, 1, placing off. and Salvodelli, Il Falco, is one, 1, placing off. and Noval is three, 3, placings off. Chechu is in the 100's. fact is, as healthy on paper as this squad looked, they're not that different a squad according to results. bad first day in the '05 Tour, bad first day in '06 Tour. the difference is that theoretically enough, they had lots of work protecting Lance last year, where this year they're riding a very different kind of race. one of the more bizarre aspects of this year's Tour.


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