Phloyd update

as is seen elsewhere, Floyd is on the offensive in the doping allegation. a couple days ago he was sad; now he's Mad. he appeared on Larry King Live last night, which brought up an interesting point about testoterone. a few days ago all kinds of news reports stated that T was useful in recovery from a hard effort etc. etc. now the claim, according to an Aussie 'expert', is that T is useless except for building muscle, something a chicken-winged cyclist doesn't want to do. there are also anomalies with the positive only on the one day. i don't know. now Floyd's doc, as well as others, are questioning the validity of a 25 yr-old test. sounds very 'Tyler-esque', doesn't it? cyclingnews does a much better job explaining this all than i. i hope he's clean. i hope it's legit. i have my doubts. how can you not?


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