Phloyd the Phraud

been away hiking with the family over the last several days. pics and updates to come. in my absence, i missed the announcement that Floyd had exogenous testosterone in his blood. that's the same bad word as what did Tyler in- exogenous (outside of). sad. i guess either the B sample comes back different or he's screwed, really screwed. i'm conflicted with what to do with the "Go Phloyd!" shirt i bought after the epic mtn. stage. keep it and wear it to do gardening or shovel shit? send it back? hang it on the wall as a recuerdo of when i was a procycling fan? i challenge all 1.5 of my readers to give me suggestions.


Pete said…
Build a scarecrow in the front yard and have it wear the Phloyd shirt.
Doug said…
It'd make a nice rag the next time you need to give a bike chain a good cleaning.

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