Scavenger Hunt

much like this whole past week, i didn't take much of a 'real' ride, but did get some interesting saddle time in, this time with the boys again. L has really taken to getting out, so their mother devised a fun activity for them, a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, one on which they (we) would have to use the bikes to get from A to B to C. I'll spare the details, but i would say we put close to 5 miles in total, with L certainly taking his longest ride ever. we started the afternoon with a trip to the pool, riding the mounts down there as well, giving us a total of 6 miles for the day.

after spending maybe 1.5 hours at the pool and then doing the Hunt on the fixie with the boys (and 3 hours of gardening before), i'm bushed and have a tiny perspective into a Tri. guess i'll have to go run, i don't think so.

Date: July 15
Mileage: 6
Ride type: Barrio Bike Jog with kiddies
Bike: 925 fixie
Temp: 85 humid
July mileage: 127
Year to date: 865


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