you can obviously tell i need to go back to work b/c i keep finding these stupid little factoid/stats projects to fill time with.

i look at the mileage i accumulated in '05 after starting the blog, which was in mid-August. i'm counting that as 5 months, forgetting the early part of August. For that time, fall and early winter, i rode 888 miles. this would include a fair number of 30milers during aug/sept commuting days with 'Lance'. remember him? this also includes an almost lost december, when i was sick for something like 2.5 weeks.

i then looked at my mileage through the end of may of '06, another 5-month span. during winter/spring '06 time i rode only 600 miles. it's that damn tennis. i like it but it really cuts down my commuting days.

i figure in a decent year i might be more than 1500 miles. that's pretty bad if you look at some of these goons doing mega 6,000mile years. Velocipete has already ridden almost 2000 miles this year. he and i were roughly even through February, when i was getting commuter mileage. the minute- March basically- the tennis started he took off. and even though i haven't done much tennis this summer- hence no excuse- i haven't gotten regular miles. to be honest, i find it boring to go do laps in the park. i either want scenic, empty country roads or i want purpose, a commute, a ride with the boys, a ride to the store or to the coffee joint.

what the big probl has been this summer is #1 the French, #2 the World Cup, #3 Wimbledon, and ahorita #4 the damn Tour. i can't stop!!! maybe i can ride 500miles between the end of the Tour and the start of school on August 11.


Pete said…
You're right on pace to match my last year's total of 1700 miles...
Tex69 said…
so you've become the man. guess it's within me as well.

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