Sprawls ride

Date: July 17
Mileage: 16.5
Ride type: Road
Bike: CC
Temp: 75 very humid
July mileage: 143.5
Year to date: 881.5

very straightforward ride with los dos hermanos Sprawls. cruised down to the riverfront. i like these rides b/c those 2 are nice, smart, and intersting to talk to. they're also more fit than i, so they keep me physically honest. we end up averaging abt 15mph, but much of the time we're doing 16-18mph with the slower avg for stopsigns etc. they give me a better workout than by myself. a good moment from this a.m. was on the Beargrass Creek Path, D motioned to us on the right, right next to the creek a pretty good-sized deer, a doe i think. i'm sure it wasn't as big as a Big Buck, but when you're 10ft away from a wild animal that's every bit as big as yourself, you tread lightly. that's certainly the closest i've ever been to one, excluding roadkill.

may do more p.m. miles out in the boonies today; we'll see.


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