Another commute

Date: Aug 9
Mileage: 13.5 (+ 2m a.m. walk)
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 80 muggy & rainy
August mileage: 29.5
Year to date: 1057.5

2nd commute of school year. nothing really to report. have had a 2-day headache, surely having having to get up in the a.m., so took it slow this afternoon.

actually, 2 fun observations from this morning. the first is that not too far from home i ran across a bike commuter, not a common occurrence. he told me he had been commuting since the 'Bike to Work Day' in May(?). good job going through the hot summer. he was riding a fairly nice Trek hybrid, but was carrying his stuff in 2 small bags thrown over a shoulder and dangling off his hip. that would drive me crazy. he seems impressed by my now 9 years of occassional commuting. i told him, and i hope he took my "experience" to heart, to get himself set up with some type of rack or saddlebag. it would be the first and most important level of comfort, to get that dead weight off the shoulders. another was that i don't think he rode with any lights, even a rear flasher. that said, this was at 7.30, which is an hour later than i ride to school (today still no students, so no pressure to meet the 7.25 deadline). even better, not long before i turned off, it looked as though there was another bike commuter generally following our path. perhaps my commute (6.20-6.50ish) is a little earlier than the norm, and that these outstanding gas prices are driving other smart folk onto the bike. Good for them.

the 2nd aside is entirely frivilous. i was riding relatively close to school and saw this youngish couple walking down their front walk. i couldn't see their bodies, but the girl was rather cute, so i gave her a 2nd look. when i could see them, she was decked out with horse-riding gear. tight horse pants and practically kneehigh boots. it was no big thing, but you don't often see people in the middle of the city, and this in downtown 'Old Louisville', bedecked in riding gear (and she was cute to boot).

tomorrow i'm home with the boys, and school officially starts for teachers Friday. that'll be the first 7.25 day of the year...and that means 6.15 or so on the road. we live in the 'Highlands' area of the city, one which i've described somewhat before. the point is i thought of offering a friendly "How to ride to work" kind of informal workshop to anyone around if they were/are interested. i might be coming in with another co-worker on Friday if she is ready, and hopefully can coerce more. $3.15/gallon is doing wonders.


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