Date: Aug 9
Mileage: 13.5 (+ 1m a.m. walk)
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 80 muggy & rainy
August mileage: 43
Year to date: 1071

started the day with a nice meditative walk, about 1.5 miles or so. i'm finding these very relaxing. too bad ride wasn't so. seemed this a.m. like cars were a bit more agressive, more on edge. usually my a.m. ride, done from 6.15-6.50, are very mundane and peaceful. few people are out and i have the road to myself. this a.m., a couple cars passed too closely for the situation. the other instance, which i giggled about this a.m., now has me more bothered. i was going downhill, with a street intersected on my right. as soon as i passed, i heard this big engine rev and roar. it was obviously, after seeing him, that the enormous Ford Expedition HAD TO PASS ME, even though our next intersection was something like50 yds up the way. OK, he got in front of me so he could turn left before me, but the funny part was that he arrived at the Stop sign maybe 5 seconds after me. idiot!

this situation further irked me after being included with an even more ridiculous one this p.m., one that took place a street over from my house. i turned right at the Stop sign and heard a car follow behind. granted, i made no effort to stop whatsoever. i body-englished the turn as i always do. 25yds up there is a cross street, and remember the car behind me. well, much to my sudden shock, this pecker in an Accord with the requisite W sticker on the back turns right, or is about to. i slowed, because simply put, if i hadn't, this jerk would've hit me. i paused and he motored on down the street. understand, it's a street over, but a good throw of the baseball from our backyard might just hit him. i'm in a quandry now. how do i deal with this? this is a neighbor, mind you a slightly distant one, but i have a harder time letting this go than if it were to occur 15m away. the first reaction was to start planning the tacks in the driveway, the egg on the pain, the superglue in the doorlock. a few minutes later, i though to myself as to whether it's a teaching moment. do i leave a note on the car explaining the situation and what would've been appropriate? Angel or Devil? at this point this afternoon, i don't know which one is best. yes, it could be a 'teaching moment', but if this motherfucking, cocksucking assmuncher, oh, excuse me, this young man already worships at the alter of Mr. "Right and Wrong"/"Good and Evil", i think i would be better served getting my rocks off with a little vandalism.

i'm a 36 year-old school teacher, and don't need to be doing vandalism, but this guy is a prick who almost hit me on the bike today. a quandry to say the least.


Doug said…
Lashing out with anger and revenge would accomplish what? Make you feel good for a few moments? Perhaps. Would it change the other person in anyway? Most likely not, except to give him reason to hate the world he lives in even more. Give yourself a few days to think about it before doing anything. Then do what you think is best.
Tex69 said…
thanks, and good advice. i sit here tonight agreeing with you. lashing out will only do resident 'asswipe' and i harm. waiting on something intelligent much better.

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