Frosted Flakes

Date: Aug 10
Mileage: 14.5 (+1m a.m. walk)
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 89.5
August mileage: 65.5
Year to date: 1093.5

basic commute today. woke up too early at 4.30. basically teachers don't sleep well leading up to school starting. too much to do. took an a.m. walk about 5 and headed to school, taking in the 8m route through the park and up golfcourse hill. good mist coming across the dark ground there. uneventful trip to school, which is just he way i like it.

p.m. had to come more directly, as Z left something at my mom's, a journal in fact with his summer writing assignments. don't know how much i agree with an ass-load of work for incoming 5th grader over summer. oh well. grin and bear. mom sent big box of Frosted Flakes home with me, which hung perilously out the back of the Carradice.

couple of other folks in the Highlands area are considering the bike thing, an already commited runner and another chum who is moving to this area. he's thinking of buying an Electra Townie, as somebody in town must sell them. it seems like a good bike for someone who's not going to ride too terribly much, or at least hasn't. feet on the ground. funky position. they're even marketed as "comfort" bikes, which is cool for a person that isn't really "into" bikes. i'm probably coming off like an elitist snob. it's a great entry bike for people who don't ride. then they'll catch the bug and buy something a bit more racy. i did like the fact that 'M' was giving me this shit that his 'Townie' was going to be a way-more-bitching ride than the LHT. i think not!!!

Good for M if he starts though. The revolution must begin!!


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