First Day!

Date: Aug 11
Mileage: 16 (+1m a.m. walk)
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 83 and pleasant
August mileage: 82
Year to date: 1110

the First Day back is big for both students and teachers. usually you get the jitters even though i've been teaching for 14 yrs now. my day unfortunately began auspiciously. i got out for my walk at 5.00. about 7min in, i managed to slip on some unseen mud and ditched it right on my knee. i felt like some poor 75 yr.old who can't get around any more. mud all down my shin. mud in my 'Croc'. mud on my arm. and a scrape on me knee. Auspicious as i said. i finished the walk, but certainly not in the meditative calm way that i wanted. nonetheless i ventured on.

it had sprinked on me on the walk, and on the ride in it rained a little more, never strong, but strong enough to get my clothes just a smidge wet. i remembed this a.m. that the greatest difficulty- weather-wise- is a cold rain. don't know how you really prepare for that while riding to work at 6.30. easy ride to school.

this p.m., in a semi-catatonic state, i rode, hooking up with 'sheryl', remember her, for about 3miles. then the rest of the way home with a couple hills in Cherokee. 'Sheryl' is quite the fitness buff now, training for a marathon and really into it. she related a story to me this p.m. that her heart stopped this summer and now some some discreet palpitations on and off. the doc says nothing can be done and she should be fine, but that's not news i would want to face at 30. i'm fat, but so far i've been lucky. all out there count your blessings daily.

just fell asleep for 10min, and planning for bedtime even though it's 5.32. throat sore from talking all day. ready to go again tomorrow. a good ride today, though. nice temps and nice blue sky. hope everyone else made the same decision as i.

**and my overall mileaged changed slightly b/c i rounded up. i took another afternoon ride with L yesterday, so i feel it's pretty accurate.


mgns said…
hmm, i'm confused. auspicious
means "lucky" or "favorable" or
something similar. i don't think
falling was an auspicious start
to your day, rather the opposite.
Tex69 said…
oh, hmmmm, "inauspicious"? good to have a commited editor to keep me from looking stupid to the public at large....Dear.

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